At Universal Pro, we are intimately experienced in recruiting for a wide range of sectors, our recruiters can help job-seekers secure progressive positions that fit their skills and expectations. Equally adept at assessing and sourcing candidates, we can provide dependable staff to cover short-term requirements or locate the perfect fit to fill the elusive vacancy that is keeping your company from operating at its full potential.


Our Mission

Our mission is clear: to define, locate and engage the ideal candidate then connect them with an opportunity to excel. This also allows our clients to succeed with the perfect candidate. We employ all our expertise, experience and people skills to make this happen.

If our many recommendations, repeat business and increasing client base is any indication, we’re pretty good at it. But we don’t sit on our laurels and welcome the opportunity to prove our effectiveness with each new client.


Providing Professionals

We build close relationships with the businesses we recruit for, gaining a clear understanding of their staffing objectives and company culture and incorporating their feedback through the entire hiring process.

Similarly, we understand a close relationship with the job seekers who use our services is vital to placing them in a position where their aptitude and motivation has the opportunity to excel.


Our Vision

Our vision is pretty straightforward. We’re only successful when you, our client or candidate, succeed in resolving your career or staffing issue. All our energy and know-how goes towards making that happen. We don’t rely on buzzwords and technospeak to convince you how serious we are about achieving a positive resolution.

We’d rather show you in the way our professional team of consultants works with you to define your specific case and the results we achieve. Talk to us today, we’re ready to listen and eager to add your success to ours.


Message from the President

Robert Laurenza


or over 25 years, I’ve helped people and businesses overcome their career and staffing issues through burgeoning economies and periods of slower growth. In this journey I’ve learned that beyond recruiting expertise, my success is equally due to listening to a client’s requirements then acting in concert with them to ensure they’re met. Instilled with this understanding, the consultants at all Universal Pro offices are experts at providing solutions specifically tailored to a client’s needs. Whether contract or permanent, I urge you to consider Universal Pro to solve your next career or staffing issue. I’ll be pleased to meet with you and your organisation to further discuss our services, fee structures and how we can apply our expertise to resolving your professional hiring situation.


Of course, successfully finding, evaluating and sourcing people to fit vacancies for a range of sectors and time commitments is a weighty responsibility calling for experience and an intuitive understanding of industry trends. Our proactive search methodologies and proprietary assessment software combined with an intrinsic knowledge of recruiting strategies has earned us a reputation for providing lasting employment and staffing solutions.

Beyond the matching of skills, it’s also vital to consider the individual factors specific to each placement or position sourced. At Universal Pro we’re savvy to the nuances of specialised recruiting and the importance of balancing aptitude and personality factors to provide solutions tailor-fit to succeed. We do it every day for everything from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

With over 25 years of industry experience and offices in Ontario, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, we’re well placed some to operate in some of Canada’s fastest-expanding business regions and employ our local market knowledge to maximum effect. Whichever of our branches you deal with you’ll experience the same total commitment to our customer and mission.