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Stop Sabotaging Your Job Search with “Please look at my profile”

I see too many on LinkedIn shooting themselves in the foot by commenting ‘please look at my profile’ in response to postings and saying nothing about why. This may make some sense for a 1st Level connection who actually knows you (well actually not really) but in all other circumstances, it’s just lazy and ineffective.

In our case, we make a real effort to provide enough detail in job postings to enable you to determine if you have the qualifications and if the opportunity is likely to meet your requirements; and of the three options we provide to apply, one is the ability to actually call and speak to someone (yes we’re rebels that way).

So why then would you ignore the golden opportunity to have a live conversation (isn’t that what you ultimately want anyway?) and simply comment “please look at my profile”? Are you just commenting on dozens of jobs and hoping for the best [you know the old ‘if you throw enough stuff (i’m being polite) against the wall, something’s bound to stick’ method] or are you just too lazy, too beaten down or too bored to be bothered to make an effort?

Personally, I have no interest in anyone whose sole effort involves, well literally no effort. I’m sure not all who post jobs will agree with me and some may even look at your profile, however I know that many share my views, so do yourself a favour and make an effort, your career will thank you for it!