Our Recruitment Process


ach candidate search will differ according to the client’s individual specifications and preferences, we apply the same proven system for identifying and providing individuals able and motivated to succeed.

  1. Our process begins by listening to the client’s needs and gaining an understanding of their business’s culture and the requisites of the position to be sourced.
  2. Our consultants then use advanced search software to reference our pool of candidates and their network of industry, Internet and personal connections to identify those with the necessary skills. Considering both those seeking employment and those passive individuals qualified but not actively searching for a new position to produce a list of people with the required skills.
  3. We then contact each promising candidate, performing an initial interview by phone to confirm their availability and status.
  4. Our senior recruiters with account manager participation conduct in-person interviews.
  5. Candidates are next asked to undertake a series of proprietary tests to assess their general and personal suitability.These questionnaires gather important information about each candidate including:
    • General information like their communication skills, education, career goals and expectations, current job issues and day-to-day activity
    • Insight into their personality by identifying strengths, weaknesses, history of positive & negative relations with others, decision-making skills, accomplishments and reasons for career choices

    Candidates then complete a series of tests based on the specific technical requirements of the position type to confirm their competence in key functions and identify their strengths and weaknesses. Customized in liaison with the client, our in-house testing methods cover:

    • Specific Technical Testing — e.g. Java, SQL and other IT related skills
    • Specific Business Skills Testing — e.g. Equities, Accounting, Financial Analysis
    • Specific Job Type Testing — e.g. Project Manager, Business Analyst
  6. References focusing on verifying the candidate’s stated technical abilities and confirming responses to general, technical and behavioural interview questions are conducted and can be supplied prior to the first client interview of the candidate. Subsequent references, done after client interviews and prior to any offer extension, are customized based on the particulars of the client’s position and the specifics of the information required. Extensive and detailed these references are usually completed electronically and sent unedited to the client.
  7. The client will receive a Skill Summary, listing each candidate’s years of experience, rating and most recent date active in all the required and desired skills relating to the position. An assessment of the candidate’s soft skills will also be included.
  8. We’ll conduct initial reference checks, supply the résumé’s and skill summaries of short listed candidates within 5 business days from initial date of position notification depending on the complexity/difficulty of the position. Additional references, with focus on the specific job requirements, will be completed prior to the offer stage with the client. This complete assessment is performed on both permanent and contract staff.