Work with Universal Pro


e use our experience to evaluate the variables that define the aptness of each candidate we put forward, factoring in aptitude, experience and personal factors to provide the optimum solution for your situation. Then we keep in touch with you to ensure they stay that way.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of letting Universal Pro handle your business’s staffing needs is that we begin every search by listening to you to ensure your business’s philosophy and goals are clearly understood and appreciated. We then work in association with you to ensure the candidates we put forward have the skills and disposition to provide performance beyond your expectations.

  • Talent Pool: We maintain an extensive pool of skilled candidates and consider both passive members as well as those actively seeking work to secure the best possible individual for your needs.
  • Quality: Our in-depth screening process ensures candidates possess the required qualifications, experience and motivation for the position being recruited for.
  • Support: We’re standing by to pre-emptively address any issues that may arise, effectively and without delay.
  • Flexibility: Permanent or contract, fill a temporary vacancy or seasonal position with one of our candidates without lasting commitment on your part.
  • Time: Losses in productivity due to abrupt resignations or terminations can be minimized by turning to our pre-screened candidates for prompt replacements. Our candidates arrive qualified and ready to work.
  • Resources: Letting Universal Pro handle the hiring process from start to finish allows your staff or HR department to concentrate on their normal priorities.
  • Cost: By managing the entire employment process our clients are relieved of the costs of administering payroll and benefits, screening and testing prospective employees as well as background checks and drug testing where necessary.